Monday, May 14, 2007

My two cents

Stamps went up 2 cents today, to 41 cents. I happen to be one of those people (or maybe the only person?) who has no problem with this, as I think it's pretty amazing that for only 41 cents a piece of mail can travel anywhere in the country in a couple of days. It drives me insane when people bitch and moan about postal costs - there are so many more important things to concern yourself with, like the rising costs of healthcare or how foreign policy affects the price of gas... Of course not many people send letters anymore; I have a regular "snail-mail" pen pal and pay many of my bills via mail vs. email. In fact, I dropped 5-6 in the mailbox last night, with just 39 cents on each, oblivious to any change. Hopefully this will not be an issue...

My stomach is killing me. Something I ate last night, I suppose, although there was nothing unusual. But it's impacting my desire to hustle off to the gym. Maybe I'll walk to work instead: a workout, but a less taxing one. And it's beautiful and sunny.


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