Thursday, May 10, 2007

Under Pressure

My work days are frantic, trying to get through all of the projects which are suddenly being thrown at me as executives try to squeeze in one last client event before the dead days of summer. And yet, I haven't been able to bring myself to ease the burden by working on things at night, at home. Last weekend I even took my work laptop home with the thought that I could easily do some invitation database cleanup in front of the TV or while listening to weekend NPR. But I never turned it on. I think I'd rather keep the frantic within the confines of my office and let home be the place I can escape from it - even if it means the hours at work are long and the hours at home are few.

I don't know if I'll do open houses again this weekend. The coop I want has fallen through again, and I am a little tired of the whole process. I emailed a realtor the other day about a property she had listed, with some basic questions, and she emailed me back that it was in contract, but I might be interested in something in another neighborhood, one which is not only much further away but well, I can't describe it without sounding like a snob, but it's like asking about Los Angeles and being told that you might like something in rural West Virginia instead. If I wanted West Virginia, why would I be inquiring about LA? Classic bait and switch, or just an urge to push off undesirable properties as quickly as she can?

I'm going to leave early today, a non-gym morning, so I can walk over the bridge into Manhattan.


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