Sunday, June 24, 2007


Do you know how long you can leave a tea kettle on the stove before all the water is evaporated?

I am so lucky. Yesterday morning I decided I'd make some herbal tea to keep iced in the fridge, and so I filled the kettle, put it on the burner, and turned on the gas. And went back into my bedroom for my usual morning routine. Which involves this (sitting at the computer), eating my breakfast, listening to the radio. Only it was a weekend and a day off from the gym, so this time stretched for several hours. When I finally made my way back to the other side of the apartment I could smell something faintly like burning rubber. I opened the door to the hall to see if it was coming from another apartment. I pulled the living room curtain back to see if it was coming from outside the window. I stepped into the kitchen and sniffed again. Only when I walked toward the stove and felt a rush of heat did I realize it was the tea kettle.

If it had been a gym day, I'd have gotten dressed and out of the apartment without ever returning to the kitchen, and possibly have returned from my workout to find my apartment in flames.


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