Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Broken English

My appointment to see that apartment is tomorrow night, so we'll revisit that particular paranoia tomorrow.

This weekend I saw "Broken English," because, well, "La Vie En Rose" is two hours and twenty minutes long, and I need to really be in the mood for that. Especially as it's ostensibly a biographical film, which immediately makes me lose interest, though I respect the reviews that tell me to go see it.

"Broken English" was shorter, and had a cute trailer. Parker Posey is a thirty-something singleton who despairs of finding Mr. Right and has some bad dates before hooking up with a cute Frenchman. She and her gal pal (Drea de Matteo, Joey's sister on "Joey" who also played somebody on the show-that-we-promised-not-to-name-again) wind up flying to Paris to find him. The first time I saw the trailer, I figured I'd already seen the entire plot, and now that I've spilled it here, I feel like I've irrevocably spoiled it. But of course there is more to it than that. And yet, I wasn't entirely thrilled with the film.

To start, Parker Posey is so ghastly thin that it's unnerving. It took me a few scenes to get comfortable watching her. But as the movie progressed, it became less and less comfortable watching her, and I couldn't figure out if the character was supposed to be mentally ill or it was just bad acting choices. It's my fault for seeing the trailer and wanting to have a protagonist who was likable and quirky, the kind of girl that's so much better than the guys she's managed to attract so far. (See Hope Davis in "Next Stop Wonderland" for a great example.) It wasn't that movie. Whose fault is that? I suppose it's mine, for having pre-set expectations, although I'd partially blame the stupid trailer.

Parker Posey is getting great reviews for her performance, so maybe I just didn't get it. The director is Zoe Cassavetes, of the infamous Cassavetes family, and daughter of Gena Rowlands, who also is in the film as Parker's character's mother.

The movie did make me think of Paris, though. I wonder if I'll ever have a chance to go back there. My first visit was a short rainy weekend, while in London for a month long college theater course. But I don't want to go alone. I don't need to wait until I find Mr. Right, I don't need Paris to be romantic for me, but I don't want to go alone.


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