Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I didn't like "Flight of the Conchords" at all. Its humor relies on the appeal of deadpan delivery of un-funny dialogue and simplistic sitcom storyline, peppered with sudden "musical" moments which are supposed to reveal the two stars' talent for - what exactly? Not singing, surely, and not much songwriting savvy, either. I suppose there is a way you can watch this through a veil of irony - it's so bad, it's good, see - but I don't find that very entertaining. (It's entertainment of the same ilk as the Trachtenburg Family Singers, who I saw perform 4 or 5 years ago, and who I liked at the time, but would likely find tiresome after awhile. And they had the benefit of a cute and talented young daughter.)

I really hated the music of the "Conchords," although I think if I had found any redeeming value in their songs, it might have been different. (My close captioning identified one section as "falsetto," which made me laugh out loud, as if that particular note was song in any higher or more false a voice than those previously. Imagine making the goofiest voice you can, and you have the general idea.) I tend to think that full-length songs injected into half hour comedies are a bad idea, but then I remember "The Sarah Silverman Program," and you know, I guess it depends. I liked Sarah's show, and I liked the songs that she sang: funny, subversive, well-written. Maybe it's just a matter of taste.


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