Friday, June 29, 2007

Old phone, old soul

So I am a Baby Boomer, at least when it comes to the way I use my cell phone. Which is: very seldom. I have hundreds and hundreds of minutes leftover at the end of each month, and I have one of the lowest minute plans. It surprises me when people call me on my cell phone, unless I've told them I'm traveling and won't be home, or if I'm on my way to meet them. I had a younger (much? Gen Y even?) friend call me on a weeknight at 8:30 and of course my cell phone was off, because I was home and didn't need it. She left me a message and it took me a few days to even realize I had it.

I also don't like it when friends only have cell phones. It feels so intrusive; at least with home phones when someone is out or away, you aren't bothering them but offering the chance to call you at a more convenient time via a voice mail. But when they always have their cell phone on them, and always can answer, you never know what you're interrupting. I don't like calling and feeling like I need to rush or apologize.


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