Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sign of the times?

The other morning I walked out of my apartment building, and another of those hate-filled flyers* was taped next to my front door. So I took it down, and made my way down the block ripping off one after another, once again. There was a lull on the next block and, as has been nearly a daily happening of late, a film crew was just setting up. One of them said to me helpfully, "I got this block!" and smiled. On the next block, there were more and as I passed another film guy with my hands full of crumpled white paper, he said, "I took care of some of them for you, too!" with another pleasant grin.

It felt really good to know that everyone thinks these things are hateful.

* I need to figure out how better to link to old posts; I've been using a search which works except once it's inserted into the new post, the new post contains the search criteria and is now one of the search results. Ah, circular logic. Anyway, if you are curious enough to click on one of the links, you have to scroll down to the second post in the link.


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