Thursday, July 05, 2007


Yes, I did make it to another movie yesterday and now, my brain is totally blank. What was it??? That's what a day back in the office will do to you - completely destroyed my brain cells.

Oh, yes, "Introducing the Dwights," (aka "Clubland") an Australian comedy starring Brenda Blethyn (no, she's not Australian, but she plays the British mother of the Australian family.) It's pretty good, if you are not turned off by Blethyn's patented screechy acting. (I was first exposed to it in "Little Voice," a film also starring Michael Caine and Ewan MacGregor and Jane Horrocks (Bubble from "Absolutely Fabulous"), which I was actually in a test audience for. I saw it again when the final version came out and was pleased to see some changes that coincided with what our group had suggested. Not that I'm taking any credit personally, of course...)

Where was I? (I told you, the brain is softened today.) Oh, yes, Brenda Blethyn screeching. The rest of the film is an interesting dysfunctional family comedy with an endearing young lead actor and a twisty-turny somewhat-surprising plot. The only drawback for me was the character of her mentally retarded son, who seemed to be played inconsistently with the developmentally disabled people I know. His dialogue was smart and quick and witty, yet delivered in a thick, slow accent, and at times his behavior appropriately mimicked a young child, while other times he showed a maturity beyond his years. I know I'm no expert, but it seemed like the filmmakers didn't know what they wanted him to be: a clever, nerdy kid? a needy, dependent adult? a comic foil? a sad sack?

Well, I just spent more lines on a minor character than the rest of the movie. I guess I could sum it up by this: at one point about midway through, I thought, wow, I'm really liking this a lot. And then about twenty minutes later, I thought, isn't this over yet? So good, maybe very good at times, not great.

* * *

Seriously my brain hurts.


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