Monday, July 16, 2007

Order of the Phoenix

I'm not sure what I thought of the Harry Potter movie. My feelings are all mixed up with anticipation of the newest book. I supposed that's the intention. Although I am much more interested in knowing what happens in the final book than re-living "The Order of the Phoenix," which was not my favorite. I think (and my memory is faulty, so I'd have to re-read them all to be sure, a task one of my siblings has laid out for himself these past few weeks) that it's because it's the first break from the traditional structure, without a comic relief Harry-at-his-uncle's-home scene, followed by the train to Hogwarts. But also I think Harry is out of sorts throughout the novel, which left my reading brain somewhat cranky as well.

As a film, it's fine. I didn't walk out of the theater with the sense of awe I felt after "The Prisoner of Azkaban," (the third in the series, directed by Alfonso Cuaron.) I remember my body literally going cold during the scene where the dementors come to Harry and friends on the train, so richly was it filmed. (And when I say "literally," I mean it, not in that annoying way that people do when they mean "figuratively.) (You know, that pet peeve has been dormant for a bit. I think the trendiness of "literally" has subsided. Thank god.)

But, I still got caught up in the mood, was reinvested in caring about the characters, and was dazzled by some of the effects. So all in all, a success.


Anonymous Kevin said...

I really hope I get a chance to see this in theatre. I personally liked the Goblet of Fire the most, but I also liked the book the most. Hopefully this final book is really good too. I am excited. :D

2:36 AM  

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