Sunday, July 29, 2007

Starting over and over and over

Last night I accidentally spilled a nearly full glass of diet coke on my laptop.

Computers don't like diet coke.

Despite my best efforts to clean up the mess before it got too bad, the computer started sputtering and buzzing and then died. I let it dry out overnight, used canned air to try to dry it more - I can't go on, let's just say it never revived.

I am now on a brand new laptop, purchased shortly after the doors opened at Best Buy. So far I like it but I haven't installed much yet. I have the routine down from the two recent times I had to re-load everything after sending the old one in for service. I just am too tired.

And broke. Like I really needed another major expense right now.

It's pouring. I want to go see a movie but I just missed the start times for almost every one playing across the street, so I guess I'll keep loading software for the next two hours until the next start time.


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