Friday, August 03, 2007

Afternoon tea (lounge)

The rugs in the Tea Lounge are filthy. I can't figure out if they never vacuum, or it's just the daily droppings of countless toddlers and their not-much-tidier elders. My bare ankles itch but I think it's all in my head. Although I've seen people bring dogs in here despite the sign forbidding it - let me revise that, I've seen ONE PERSON carry her purse-dog in here twice - I don't believe there could really be fleas in the carpet. But who knows?

* * *

Yes, another day working from "home." Actually I don't do it that often. Today's 94 degree forecast convinced me to trade the annoyance of commuting (hot subway platforms only briefly offset by frigid a/c trains when my ride is only 7 minutes) for the annoyance of a high electricity bill for my own a/c during the day. Enter the Tea Lounge, option 3: no commute, cold air, not on my a/c bill.

* * *

Rumor is that my coop contract has been signed by the sellers, although I've yet to have confirmation or see a copy. I am not yet celebrating.

* * *

I had a weird dream last night, in which I woke up and there was a guy in my bedroom who was delivering a book from the local bookstore. I was half-dressed (topless) and self-conscious about it, and not quite sure how he'd gotten into my apartment. I made up a story that I was sick in bed and really appreciated the home delivery of the books, and could he bring more? He immediately said he knew of a good one to recommend, and he left. I followed him out, and of course it wasn't my actual apartment, because off the living room was another bedroom behind which I realized my brother, sister-in-law, and nephew were sleeping. The front door to my apartment was also a double door and when I went to close it, I noticed that it wouldn't lock properly because if you pushed against the seam where the doors met, they both swung on their hinges. And then I noticed that there was a huge open space above the door, like the doorway was 20 feet tall and this weird door was only 9 feet tall. I thought maybe I made a mistake moving into this apartment.

Analysis: apprehension about moving, combined with the impending visit of said family, plus a dash of what? feeling exposed because I just sent all my personal finance information to a mortgage broker?

* * *

I need to gather references for the coop board. I have 2, 2 in progress, and need to find 2 more. It's tough. Who to ask, and how? There's someone I am friends with who would be very good at it, but we haven't known each other very long at all, and I wonder if she'd think it weird that I have no longer-term friends? Can I use a sister-in-law whose name isn't mine?

* * *

I just had a sandwich but am greedily eyeing the bakery case.


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