Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Here's how much a baseball fan I am not. I have been somewhat aware that there is a home run record being challenged, something I'm probably more aware of because I remember Hank Aaron's playing when I was a kid and had a baseball-obsessed father. But today when the early morning news is awash with the news that Barry Bonds has surpassed Aaron's record, my first reaction is: "Oh, I didn't know he was black." (Not relevant, just an observation.) My second, upon hearing that the fan who caught the ball is a Mets fan from Queens: "What team is Bonds on?" Well, now I know, but I would have guessed a dozen teams before hitting (pun intended) on the San Francisco Giants. (My guesses, of course, are limited to those teams that were in existence in the early 1970's when my brother and I would play with his baseball cards.)

* * *

They just said that there are tornado warnings in Brooklyn for the next twenty minutes. I am glad I chose today as my non-gym morning, and therefore am happily enclosed in my apartment for another hour or more before I need to scurry to work. I'd work from home but I left the work laptop in the office.

Last time we had a big rain storm, three women in my office had to run out and buy new clothes because those they were wearing were soaked on their commute in. Luckily our complex is a quasi-mall, with enough chain clothing stores to fit almost anyone's tastes.


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