Monday, August 13, 2007

Diet Coke Redux

If you recall, I lost my laptop computer to a Diet Coke spill recently. Well, I simply don't learn. Today I had the chance to sit outside in the sun and eat my lunch. I packed up the remains and sauntered off, not realizing that the cap of my Diet Coke bottle was loose until many minutes later as I stood in the elevator and noticed I was dripping.

Half a bottle of Diet Coke had puddled in the bottom of my cloth shoulder bag.

Luckily, nothing appears to have been damaged, other than a pile of printouts of stories for my writing classes. And, the bag of course, which now sits emptied and damp, air-drying.

I dumped all of my belongings in one of the canvas totes we give out at client events.

But I still like the taste of Diet Coke.


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