Friday, August 24, 2007

Ready or not...

Last night I packed my first box.

I know! This means that this shit is for real. Of course I don't have a closing date, haven't given notice in my apartment, or have any idea of when I might be moving. But I'm getting ready!

My latest way to kill time (not that it needs killing, I am still crazy busy) is to shop for new things for the apartment. Not actually "shop," as in exchange money for goods or services, as I'm not buying yet, just browsing. I have my eye on a new bed, a TV stand, a kitchen island, a rug, and a wine rack. I would prefer to not buy and then have to pay to move it, so I'm going to order and have delivered to the new apartment.

If there ever is a closing.

* * *

I seriously need a movie this weekend. It's been too long.


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