Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sailing cell phone

Last night I was walking home when a man standing on the sidewalk ahead of me lowered his cell phone from his ear and hurled it in my direction. I somehow managed to sidestep it and it crashed to the sidewalk behind me. The sidewalk was crowded; people stopped and gasped. A woman apparently standing near the guy mumbled something and took off in the opposite direction than he; she could have been with him, or merely a bystander. He just raced away, never looking back. I followed at a distance, keeping his blue shirt in my sight as he pushed through the evening rush hour crowd, but I lost him after a few blocks.

The incident was sudden and disturbing but essentially forgettable. I'll never know his motivation, or if he'd have cared if he'd hit me (or anyone else.) I'll likely not recognize him if I see him again; he was very much the nondescript average white male.


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