Sunday, August 26, 2007

Superbad and Super hot

After a week of cool (nearly cold at times) temperatures and damp cloudy days, yesterday we hit 90+ again. It was my first free day in many weeks, a day in which I answered to nobody and had nothing planned.

I started by sleeping in.

Then I did some light cleaning, including rolling up a rug which I have finally decided to get rid of. It's a beautiful white and beige wool rug I bought over twenty years ago, but by now there are assorted stains that nothing has been able to get out.

I also packed two more boxes of books. I need to focus on how to address the book case situation: I clearly need more room, but do I solve this by replacing the current arrangement (one tall bookcase and one 3 foot high that match, plus 1 additional 3 foot high that doesn't match)? They are all from stores that are out of business and therefore there is no option to buy additional pieces that match. So do I sell these and buy new ones? Three tall ones maybe? Where will they go in my new apartment? Maybe I need to move in first and feel it out. But shouldn't I just move in without any, rather than pay to have the existing ones moved if I'm only going to get rid of them shortly after? And what about looking into built-ins?

See how difficult that is?

Anyway. After that I decided to get out of the apartment, and headed into Manhattan to see a movie. Didn't seem to be my day, as the theater's computers were down and they weren't selling popcorn. I'd skipped lunch to have enough free calories for popcorn, so I was willing to ask for my money back to go to another theater, but they fixed it. But then there was no sound in the theater. Let me tell you, sitting through silent pre-movie commercials is strange. Not bad, mind you, just strange. Luckily that was fixed before the feature started.

Since I was in Chelsea, I decided to make my way to the Time Warner Cable store just across town on the east side. In the past three days, I've received three emails encouraging me to updgrade to an HDTV cable box for free. The web link led to instructions to go to one of their stores for a "free self-installation kit." So despite the heat, I trekked across four avenues in the afternoon sun, only to arrive and discover that I needed to bring my current digital cable box. Well how would I know that? It could have been an add-on piece. I was extremely annoyed, but the security guy at the door (who directs you to the appropriate line and gives you a numbered ticket), said it happens all day long. My next stop, of course, was a shady bench around the block where I called TWC and expressed my annoyance at the lack of clear instructions on their website. If you're going to have a big e-mail marketing push for something, you'd better make sure your website has the appropriate instructions for your customers to react to it. Apologies of course but nothing they could do. There was no time for me to go home and get my box and come back before they closed, and they are not open today.

Best part: I get home and there is another email from them telling me to upgrade!

But it all came back, the irrational anger, the physical reaction (elevated heart rate, flushed face, shaking hands), the frustration. I hate feeling that way, going from relatively calm and upbeat to major fury on a dime. Over what some people would probably think is a minor event. Why can't I just react calmly and rationally? I think I must do such a good job at keeping myself under control all the time that little things (usually related to a service I pay for) just set me off.

Now I sound like a crazy woman about to blow. If I do, this blog will clearly become evidence of my downslide. Can't you see it reproduced on CNN in their block quote font?

Today promises thunderstorms and I'm thrilled. I want to stay in and go through files. Or read. Whatever I feel like doing.

First, to the gym.

Oh, the movie I saw? "Superbad." I am sure that there are critics that are disappointed that it's good, eliminating the opportunity to say "'Superbad' is super bad!" (I guess they could say, "Super good!") It is good, and funny, although a bit - slower, I guess? - than I expected. There is a long talk-y exposition scene at the start which had little funny for me (unless you think staring at your best friend's mom's cleavage is hilarity. I didn't, nor did the crowd I saw it with. Granted, I was in Chelsea, not generally the hangout of straight horny teenage boys.) But it's a film that's fun if you're into physical and gross out humor (including a bit about a new bodily fluid for which I believe the comic potential has yet to be fully explored, although I could be wrong, not having seen any of the American Pie movies beyond the original.)


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