Sunday, September 09, 2007

Bad weekend?

Started on Friday when I came home to finally find a copy of the mortgage loan commitment letter in my email inbox. I opened the document only to go into panic mode because there are conditions attached which I don't think I can meet, but I am pretty sure I'm just not reading them right. I can't understand much of the document, and I have worked in financial services for many years. It made me feel dumb and lost and anxious, and after shooting off emails to both my lawyer and the real estate broker for help, I turned off my computer and started crying. This whole process is just so frustrating and endless, and it just hit me all at once.

I had to leave my apartment or I'd start reading the damn letter again, so I wandered around outside for a bit and then went to see a movie I'd already seen ("Once") which calmed me some, but resulted in a post-film hunger that was sadly satiated with a bad bad visit to the burrito place for cheese/sour cream/guacamole laden nachos. At 10 pm. This is not what I need to do when I'm trying to keep my weight under control. Especially if I'm doing it when I'm stressed; that's a habit I need to crush.

Yesterday I found that - god, I can't even say it without cracking myself up - I am having cable trouble again. Yup. Only on the new HD DVR box, but I'm getting only 1/2 the channels. They can't fix it over the phone so I have yet another cable service visit next Saturday. I need to look at my old calendars and count, but I think I'm up to at least 12 over the last three years. I went to AT&T's site this morning and no, DSL/Internet service is still not available in my area, and sadly, is not available at the new apartment either.

If I even ever move into the new apartment.

Today, I woke in time to get to the gym before showering/dressing and going to church - the new minister started today so I wanted to be there. Get to the gym, and there are signs announcing no hot water. Great, now I have to cut my workout short in order to go home and shower. But then I get to the locker room and they have cut my lock and taken all of my stuff (two pairs of sneakers, an umbrella, one full clean workout outfit, toiletries, extra socks and underwear, a canvas totebag.)

Now, there have been signs announcing this for weeks, but they were clear that it was for those who don't pay for lockers, and I have been paying. So of course I ignored the signs. I went out to the desk and got the better news - only one person has the key to the room where the stuff is stored, and she's not in, and won't be until Monday. So I refused to accept that and said I wouldn't leave until they got me my stuff, and if it meant calling a locksmith, fine. The front desk staff kept calling the manager who said she wasn't coming in with the key.

As I stood there, fuming, two more women came up with the same issue so all together we just held our ground until someone, somehow, managed to get the door open and return our things. It was about an hour after I'd gotten there, so now no time for a workout and church, and you know? I chose the workout. Church next week I guess.

They were nice enough to give us all new locks for free, and the guy at the desk told me the manager would call me tomorrow. I came home (after a good workout, burning off my anger) and can't find the receipt from my locker payment. It would be somewhat embarrassing if I really am behind in paying for it, but 1)the agreement I signed says they will give me 30 days' notice when it's due, and they never did and 2)that doesn't excuse the manager going home with the only key the night that she confiscated members' belongings. And, 3)I'm pretty damned sure that my locker is paid up through next month.

So now I'm home and I still haven't showered.


Blogger madabandon said...

I had the same reaction to my mortgage commitment letter. It seemed to present impossible demands. However, everything is negotiable and in my experience (I have been through refinancing a few times since) it all works out. Deep breaths...

12:47 PM  
Blogger medusa said...

Thank you!

2:38 PM  

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