Saturday, September 15, 2007

Cable in, cable out

Hmmm, that was not the most intelligent cable repairman I've had. He was here just shy of two hours, wiggled around the outside wires, swapped out the HD DVR with another, rebooted everything... and left me with an HDTV that was showing fewer channels than when he arrived, and all of those were in purple and green. He said there was an issue outside with the cables on the pole, and someone would fix it this week, and I didn't need to be home.

After he left, I peered at the back of the new HD DVR, and he'd put the wrong wires in the wrong holes. (They are color coordinated, but there are two red, an audio and a video, and he put the video in the audio and then, apparently confused by the buzzing sound that commenced when he put the audio in the video, let that one dangle.) I put them correct and voila! all my channels, in brilliant and true color.


But... this HD DVR is better than the other, as it has the old menus and search functionality I was used to and prefer.

My life as a TWC customer.


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