Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Early morning news

Every morning I sit here with the early morning local news on quietly in the background. One of the stories they cover incessantly is the sexual harassment trial of Isiah Thomas. You won't be surprised to learn that since he is a sports figure, I had no idea who he was, and actually thought for a while (not really paying attention to what they were saying) that he was the "Greys Anatomy" actor who was fired for using an anti-gay slur about a cast mate. (That guy is Isaiah Washington. Easy mistake, right?) Anyway, they continually refer to Thomas's use of "the B-word" which always leaves me puzzled. What is "the B-word?" Is "bitch" really not said on TV? Or do they not repeat the offensive word purposely so as not to further its association with the woman accusing him?

The other hot story is this. Disturbing, and would be so anywhere, but somehow more so in a quiet calm neighborhood like Brooklyn Heights. You hear stuff about that in Bensonhurst or Crown Heights but not Brooklyn Heights. But I don't think it's just the shock of its happening here, so close, it's still really hateful. At least when the flyers were up on my block, I could tear them down.

I should not have used "hot" so flippantly - weather forecast is for 85 degrees today. They are even giving warnings about heat indexes and pacing your physical activity with plenty of water. Luckily my day requires me only to sit in a conference room for hour after hour, trying not to think of the many things waiting for me at my desk. Tomorrow is a full day client event that I've been planning for months, and even though I've dotted every "i" and crossed every "t," there will likely be last minute eruptions that will frazzle my nerves.


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