Thursday, September 27, 2007

Morning sick

You know I don't sleep very well. I can fall asleep very quickly, but tend to wake during the night and then have difficulty falling asleep again. It's usually in direct proportion to the number of things I have to worry about; late night panic attacks about what in daylight seems manageable or even menial are common.

Last night I woke at 3:00 and can't now recall what kept me lying there until 4:30. But I dozed off only to bolt upright at 5:00 with a sudden wave of nausea. True nausea, not (warning: about to get graphic here) the usual throat or mouth filling with vomit from my acid reflux, which is never accompanied by a queasy stomach. In fact, I can't recall the last time I felt true nausea without being hungover.

I got up, went slowly through my normal morning routines, ate my usual breakfast (iced herbal tea, clif bar*), and am nearly ready to leave for the day. I still feel slightly ill. Today is the huge client event I've been planning for over 6 months. I will be at one of the midtown university clubs for 14 hours, smiling, eating random buffet food out of boredom, cursing the fact that no pair of professional comfortable shoes is ever comfortable enough for that long. I can't be sick.

* I didn't eat breakfast for most of my life, but understand its necessity. Especially once I started going to the gym first thing in the morning. If I relied on my making a more substantial meal - even a piece of toast - I would skip it. I don't drink/eat milk, so cereal is out of the question (although I like to eat it dry as a mid morning snack.) The clif bar serves my needs well - compact, easy to eat, protein-rich, high in fiber, respectably low in carbs, and above all, tasty.


Anonymous Kevin said...

So how did everything turn out? I don't eat breakfast too much either, although I really try to, at least to eat something to get me going in the morning. Other than coffee, that is. I also don't drink milk, so I don't prefer cereal, but every so often I will have it anyway.
Sounds like you had a long day, hope your feet didn't bleed. =/

3:01 PM  

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