Sunday, September 02, 2007


Within 30 minutes, PayPal approved my dispute and credited my account for the $10. Weird. Wonder if it happens often? Or maybe it costs more than $10 for them to investigate...

I don't know if I griped about it here, but I had an earlier dispute with a store on my block, who refused to credit my Amex account the day after I made a purchase (for a wallet that turned out to not close after you filled it with your credit cards - not an excessive number of credit cards, mind you, just the number of cards that fit into the corresponding slots.) The store refused, only offering me store credit. I took it up with Amex who investigated and after 2 months told me they were crediting my account because the store never responded to their requests for information. So, right now I have both the credit on my Amex and the refund ticket from the store. I could, of course, go back to the store and use the credit slip to buy something else, but I am looking forward to giving it back to them and letting them know that I am too honest to take advantage of them, and that all I ever wanted was the Amex credit. I'm sure they won't care.

I really am not that nasty of a customer. Sometimes though I flashback to the bitchy people I had to be nice to when I was in retail, and I find myself over-arguing a point. Because I learned the hard way that if you fuss, they listen. But it takes awhile to get me to the fussing point. Look at what happened at TWC just 2 days ago? I let them walk all over me and walked out with a DVR that I didn't even want, and a service I'm not ready to start paying for. I'm supposed to be on a budget now with mortgage payments starting in a couple of months...


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