Monday, September 24, 2007

Pew thoughts

Yesterday I went to an open house for another apartment in my new building. I couldn't resist the opportunity to see inside another apartment. It wasn't the same realtor, so I pretended I was just looking, although since I walked in with a group of others I managed to escape without signing in.

The apartment was cute, with a very different layout: small square rooms instead of long narrow ones, and a separate small kitchen. (My kitchen is a corner of my larger living room, which I think I prefer, as it makes the space feel more open.) It must be more square feet, though, as the maintenance is higher (or because it's on a higher floor and facing the quiet back?) but the asking price was also quite a bit more.

I left by the stairway and stopped on "my" floor just because I could. I even walked over to "my" door and placed a hand on it. I don't know, I guess I'm just being weird.

The past two Sundays I've also gone to church, as the new minister has started. The Unitarian Church is literally around the corner from the new apartment; I don't even have to cross a street. My relationship with church is funny - I try to go whenever I can, and often really enjoy the service (the music and the sermons) but I still sit through the whole thing calculating how much longer til the end, like Homer Simpson trapped in a pew thinking about the football game on his home TV. Is that part of the experience that's ingrained in me? That even when I'm there on my own free will, in a church that embraces my beliefs (or lack thereof), I still feel the morning is not complete without some some watch-gazing?

Two movies this weekend: "Ira & Abby" and "Eastern Promises." More on them later.


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