Monday, September 10, 2007

Someone to Eat Cheese With

I went to see "I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With" with great anticipation. The film's pedigree is impeccable; written and directed by Jeff Garland of "Curb Your Enthusiasm," it also stars Sarah Silverman, and countless other talented comics, including two of my favorite smart women comedians, Amy Sedaris and Bonnie Hunt.

It's one of those movies that suffers from the weight of its trailer, which gives away many of the funniest lines and scenarios, leaving a few more funny moments, but mostly filler. I seriously wanted to love the movie, but I didn't, really. There were some really hysterical parts, but something was off with the pacing; at times it felt too slow, other times it was jumping too quickly (like an extended flash-forward at the end which is likely expected to satisfy the movie goer's curiosity over what happens next, but just made me think, why couldn't I have seen the movie about that stuff in between? It looked more interesting.) Maybe I'm a traditionalist as far as structure goes, although I do think I can embrace irregularities in storytelling when they work, but I found myself wishing the film was tighter and more focused. The audience around me was much more impressed, so maybe there is an appreciation for this kind of wandering style that I just don't have.


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