Friday, September 07, 2007

Stacks and stacks

You know how somebody made an unauthorized charge to my PayPal account? Well now PayPal has put a restriction on my account because another charge came through - although this one is one I actually made, and is only $1.99. Maybe it's because I downloaded an episode of "The Office" from months ago, and that looks pretty suspicious. Nobody is stupid enough to do that when the DVDs are about to be released for last season...

I ordered some household items from a new website and used my PayPal account. The order confirmation said they should arrive in 2-5 days. After a week, I received an email telling me that one of the items (but not which item) was out of stock, and would come in within the next 2 weeks. It took them another three days to answer my question of which item was out of stock, and the answer was both items. I immediately responded to cancel my order and refund my PayPal. They replied they would, but no refund yet.

Why do I think that this is related to the recent fraudulent activity on my PayPal account?


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