Saturday, September 22, 2007


New sounds everywhere. The apartment downstairs is changing tenants, for the first time since I moved in nearly 14 years ago. The new tenant works in the store downstairs, so he's already known to all in the building, already stands out front smoking and chatting, already hangs out in the backyard with the downstairs tenants drinking and partying. (Or so I hear. I'm not one of the boys' club, although I think it's age rather than gender that separates us.) He told me he wasn't sure when he was moving in, maybe sometime this week? I think it may have been yesterday as I hear something, somebody, not one of the usual familiar sounds.

I am so paralyzed by waiting for the coop board, unable to commit to dates or deliveries, that I have forgotten some of the things I must do: find a mover who can handle my piano (or, alternatively, hire a piano mover and a separate one for everything else); contact Housing Works to pick up the assorted pieces of furniture I won't be taking; call the furniture store that sold me my sofa bed, because it was too big to fit through my narrow doorway and they had to deliver it in pieces, and they promised me they'd recommend someone to disassemble it again when I needed to move it again.

In my nightmares, my sofa is stuck in the doorway of my living room and my piano at the top of the stairs (where, during my move in 14 years ago, it was wedged between railing and wall for 45 of the 55 minutes it took them to carry it up the three flights of stairs.) Can you see why I'm focused on pre-packing and making sure that everything else runs completely smoothly?

Will I have anything else, ever, to talk about, other than this?


Blogger madabandon said...

Big John's does pianos and regular jobs, and I have entrusted them with my steinway grand several times, always with excellent results. they are also honest and will give you an accurate estimate and not gouge you as so many movers do. Beethoven Pianos does piano moving at reasonable cost and will come measure and make sure the piano will fit in all required spaces before signing onto the job.tun

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