Saturday, October 06, 2007

Love and Death

Last night I came home to find my cable miraculously fixed. As I was spinning through channels to confirm that, indeed, all was ok, the phone rang and it was TWC calling to let me know they'd done some work "in the neighborhood" and wondered if it had fixed my problem. Yes!

Today I got home and found a letter, a one sentence letter, telling me that the coop board has rejected my application. I don't know how to deal with this. Naturally it is Saturday so I can't call my lawyer. I called the real estate agent who was sorry and said she'd try to find out what happened, and maybe it's something that can be addressed. The fact that they didn't even want to interview me is really upsetting - does that mean there's something inherently wrong with my financial picture?

I want to call someone else because if I just sit here alone I'll go crazy. But if I call someone I'm afraid I'll get hysterical crying.

I was packing this morning. Will I need to unpack?

This sucks.


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