Tuesday, October 02, 2007

No, no, no

Yes, my HD cable crapped out again. I called and they want to send someone again, and I caved. I don't know what my other options are. Cancel service? That requires my trekking into the store on a Saturday to drop off my cable box. And going back to get it once I move. And, it means I will have absolutely no service on the HD TV in the living room. At least now I periodically get some channels (although right now, just the Showtime channels which are offered free this week. I think that is meaningful, but don't have the time to call TWC back to share this tidbit of info. I feel like I'm one of the doctors on "House" playing with diagnostic theories.)

What this means to me: I watch TV in the bedroom, where the old digital box still works with my 20 + year old TV. Lying in bed watching TV means I fall asleep; last night it was 8:30. Seriously! I woke up at 10 briefly, but for the most part I slept straight through.


Anonymous Kevin said...

At least you are getting some channels! Right now I don't get anything at all for television, it's awful! I miss my shows. :(

I like your comparison to house though, haha. :)

2:55 PM  

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