Tuesday, October 23, 2007


The formerly-thought-of-as-"my" apartment is listed again, but with another broker, and at a significantly higher asking price. Clearly the sellers fired the first broker, but was it because they blamed her for my deal falling through, or did they, as some have suspected, jettison the application process (through their "friend on the board" who was supposed to provide the broker with insights as to what happened, but never did) because they realized they could get more $$? I am not usually the suspicious type, but I wonder.

The annoying part is that the new broker is listed on the website I use to search (it combines feeds from multiple realtors and so saves time), so now for every search in my range I'll see that damned place. I'll know when it goes into contract, etc., etc. I'd rather forget its existence. When I first saw the listing I felt really terrible - angry, sad, frustrated.

I have not made a decision as to what to do next. Still look to buy/Look to rent something else/stay put. I said I would wait until my business trip last week was over, but I'm still not ready. I hate that my apartment is filled with boxes, but I hate the thought of unpacking even more.


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