Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I'm pretty laid back when it comes to germs in public places - my theory is if you think too much about what you're exposed to, you'd never leave your house. Over the weekend I was in the Tea Lounge and ordered a tuna sandwich, brought out by the kitchen guy (not a true waiter; it's a place with counter service and a "we'll bring it out to you" for more complicated items from the kitchen.) He held something else in his other hand and as soon as he set that plate down in front of another customer, he turned his head and sneezed into his now-empty hand, away from my tuna sandwich in the other. For once, I felt a big apprehensive, but took it and ate it anyway.

Yesterday I came down with a cold, sneezing, headache, and stuffed up nose (one side only.) This morning I awake to swollen glands and sore throat.


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