Sunday, November 25, 2007

Door one or door two?

I had the apartment dream again. Oddly, I haven't been having it as I've been apartment hunting. Why is that? Because I am seeing different places so I don't have the need to invent them? In last night's dream I moved into an apartment in this same building, upstairs, and was surprised to find that instead of the two apartments that used to be up there, there now were four or five, with odd configurations (one involved walking down the public hallway to a separate bathroom.) I was watching the new neighbors out of the peephole in my front door and it slipped open, and I made a show of trying to close and lock it again, but it wouldn't close, it wasn't really the right sized door, so I just tied it closed with a piece of material. The people in the hallway (which was now being used as a bedroom, with bunk beds built into the wall) were giggling at me. I said something about just having moved in, and turned back into my apartment and there were piles of unfamiliar clothes and things and I began to worry that maybe it wasn't my new apartment after all.

Meanwhile, I may have another shot at the last apartment I bid on and lost. And then I went to see another yesterday and fell for that one, too. Each is not perfect, and each has exactly what the other lacks - big closets vs. none, a brand new kitchen vs. an older one, an elevator vs. a walk-up. Yet I could happily see myself in either. I may not have an answer on #1 before I will need to make a decision on whether to bid #2, but don't want to put all my eggs in one basket and lose the other.

Not exactly a mystery about last night's dream.


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