Monday, November 19, 2007

Off, off, off

I have too many unused vacation days, which I'll lose at year end. I was saving them to move, when I thought I'd be moving this fall. Now I am taking them. This week we are closed Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving, so it's only three days. Usually I like to work when most people are off, when it's quiet in the office, but I'm over that. I am tired, drained, brain-emptied, and need to recharge my batteries.

Family will come later this week; for the next three days I plan on writing, reading, cleaning, and shopping. Movies, of course.

I am likely going to be out-bid on the apartment. I'm torn between feeling very sad and feeling that it wasn't meant to be. The sad side keeps calculating how much higher I can go, and the resigned side knows that's a dangerous path to get on.


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