Sunday, November 04, 2007

times, they are a changin'

So while the rest of the country snoozes away, grateful that the switch from daylight savings time to standard time gives them an hour extra sleep, I am, as usual, up and about. For two reasons: 1)since my body clock wakes me at 5:00 am almost every day, it very nicely woke me at what is now 4:00 am. Hurrah! 2)I have a cable appointment at some moment between 8 am and 12 noon.

Now, I'm not the kind of person to actually schedule a cable appointment at this time on a Sunday morning. I generally schedule them (and yes, I have quite the track record to mean this is a habitual decision) post-gym visit and morning errands. In fact, I scheduled this very service call for 2-6 pm yesterday, an appointment which I had on the books for 9 days, and one which Time Warner Cable was kind enough to remind me of with two (not one) automated reminder calls.

Cut to 4:30 pm yesterday, a full 2 1/2 hours into my sitting around trying to find activities that didn't involve the disruption of my apartment (i.e., cleaning the fish tank or swapping summer clothes for winter in the closet.) Phone rings, and it's TWC. I'm used to the routine, so I assume she's calling to alert me to the fact that the technician is downstairs. No, she's telling me they aren't going to make it today.

I can't describe that conversation or I'll risk my mental health.

After two phone calls, I got someone to call the dispatcher to determine that the reason behind the cancellation was that two technicians called in sick. But instead of next Saturday, the original option, they are going to get me an emergency tech visit today, Sunday, from 8 am until noon.

Status to date since August 31:
  • Six scheduled service calls, three actual, one canceled by TWC; one canceled by me after they called the night before to say something had been addressed "in the neighborhood" which amazingly fixed my problem (although it turns out, for two weeks only); one TBD.
  • Two different HD DVRs.
  • Approximately 10 hours of sitting around waiting for them to show up.
  • Approximately 3 hours of waiting around for them to get to my call, or take me off hold.
  • Three billing errors, which caused approximately 1 hour of phone time to "resolve." (Actual confirmation of resolution on hold until the next bill arrives.)
What is wrong here? Am I cursed? A hypochondriac - seriously, the HD DVR DOESN'T WORK. Why don't I just find an alternate service provider? I know they are out there. BECAUSE I WAS SUPPOSED TO HAVE MOVED BY NOW.

Every time I call and tell them this is insane, they insist another technician can look at it and fix it. And, I fold.

I can't keep writing about it or I'll risk my blood rising to a boil.


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