Saturday, December 01, 2007

Another dream

I dreamed I was in my mother's house and it was nighttime and my aunt was sleeping over, but one of my mother's dogs (not her dog in real life, more like my brother's real life dog) would not stop whining and so my aunt called me into the room and asked me to do something with the dog. I brought her back into my room and set her down on the floor, but she kept on sniffing around and whining and looking all crazed at the floor and the walls and under the bed. And then I looked down, the half-dark, and there was some kind of dim shape scooting across the floor and I freaked out, even though I couldn't make out what it was - mouse? bat? frog? (seriously I became fixated on it being a frog) and the dog was ignoring it but instead going after something else in the corner of the room. I knew I couldn't get out of bed because I would have to walk barefoot across that dark floor and risk stepping on something, and so I sat up in my bed calling for the dog. "Rosemary, Rosemary!" (I don't know any dogs named Rosemary. Or any people, now that I think about it.)

I woke up and wondered if I had been calling out loud in my sleep. When you've lived alone for most of your life, you never know if you actually talk in your sleep. My mother does, I've heard her. My niece once told me I do, but I have no backup evidence.

Still... why "Rosemary?"


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