Saturday, December 08, 2007

Dream #543.

Another dream in an apartment, this time the coop I am in contract to buy, at least that's where I knew I was, although it wasn't very much like the apartment I'd seen. I had people with me, visiting, nebulous familiar people who were my aunt and brother, mother and sister-in-law, and yet none of them specifically. Somehow we were staying there for a few days, like we were house-sitting, because I wasn't yet the owner and yet they had given us free reign to hang out. Like all of my dreams, the house suddenly sprouted new rooms, including a glassed in porch that I wandered out onto only to discover that the wooden floor was missing slats of wood, with a large gap in the middle about three feet across. I thought this must be why they hadn't shown it earlier, because it's flawed, but now it's just an "extra" with "potential." And then there was another room, somewhat like a second bedroom, although without a door, just a turn at the end of the hallway into a large square space. And out the kitchen windows I could see the kitchen windows of the building next door, mirrors of mine, and then noticed they were not windows but sliding doors, and I opened mine and looked across, and at first we were separated by an alley of a foot or so, but then the people on the other side opened their sliding doors and our apartments were connected, and the walls between us seemed to disappear, and their cats started wandering over and one of their guests came into my side and opened the refrigerator but I didn't say anything because I was just house-sitting - or maybe I wasn't supposed to be there at all. And I tried to figure out how to put the walls back up so we'd be in our own apartments again, and so I could see how much of this suddenly huge massive kitchen was mine.


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