Monday, December 03, 2007

On, Dasher

And now, it's the slippery slide to Christmas. Each week at work is filled with holiday events and parties, (not all mean fun - some of these are ones I am organizing for clients), year end activities, and slowly dwindling numbers of co-workers. This week, of course, there is Hanukkah, and so some will be out of the office, and next week starts the exodus of those making long trips (London! Hawaii! Greece!!)

As usual, my holiday exists in small bubbles, slipped in between that of siblings' in-laws. But I have some family coming down to the city on Christmas Day, for the rest of that week. Although they are not staying with me, I'll go with them to the Nutcracker and likely do some other kid-friendly holiday stuff.

Yesterday's snow has been washed away by rain.


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