Sunday, January 27, 2008

I slept until 8

Yes, this is worth writing about! Do you not know me at all?

Of course, this means that I can't go to the gym and then make to church on time. So I have a choice: physical well-being, or spiritual.

Still trying to decide.

* * *

If I have faith in the timetable I have created, I will have only 3 more weekends in this apartment (and the last will hopefully be spent at the other, empty one, painting.) This thrills me more than I can say.

Yesterday's accomplishments: got rid of record albums; pulled all old framed posters/prints from closet and sorted into keep vs. dump piles; packed suits, off-weather coats, closet organizers; wrapped and packed wine glasses and other glassware; shredded two plastic bags full of old paperwork (which then became packing material); finished wrapping and packing small framed photographs from walls; watched seven episodes of "Lost" and made popcorn.

Oh, and met a friend for dinner and went for a stroll by the new apartment. Of course as we stood outside, the current owner came bounding out, and I pretended it wasn't awkward with inane "I"m really not a stalker" banter.

Today's goal: sort through two boxes of paperwork under my bed (old writing and old computer manuals and disks); sort through piano music; watch more "Lost."


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