Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Losing it

What is meant to be an enjoyable night, the "Lost" pre-season premiere last season wrap-up episode (complete with "pop-up" notes and trivia!) has lost its luster, due to another annoying fuck-up re: the apartment. Weirdly, I am beyond being upset, I'm strangely calm. Numb?

Apparently the sellers' lawyer agreed on a closing date without confirming with them, and so they are caught by surprise, and said lawyer has been AWOL all day to explain to them. Meanwhile, I don't really have any flexibility any more to push the date back. This is a "friendly" sale, broker-free, and so the seller wife calls me to talk about it and her husband is in the background shouting, "Well, she might just have to fucking wait! We're the fucking sellers!" Usually he's a really nice guy. I guess this is why lawyers handle these things.

Oh, "Lost." I crammed in all of seasons 1 and 2, managed to slip in only two episodes of season 3 so far. Tomorrow is the actual season premiere. I know I won't be able to keep it on the DVR until I catch up - too little other TV for the media (or work colleagues) to focus on. But I may have to just turn off my phones tomorrow.


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