Saturday, January 26, 2008

Lost in boxes

I am a fairly organized person, and this is why it is taking me so long to pack. I can't just throw things in boxes. I need to sort, review, make decisions. I read through many childhood letters before deciding which to save and which to shred. (Shredded paper, by the way, makes great packing material. And it's recycling! Although I imagine I'll be less happy when I'm unpacking and my new apartment is a whirlwind of tiny paper bits.)

So this is partly why it seems like I've been packing for months and still have more to go. (That, and the aborted fall move.) Also, I have not been gung-ho all-out, but focused on one discreet area each time (a file drawer or a particular kitchen cupboard.) Today, though, marks the start of the push. I plan on spending most of today getting stuff done.

This is also because it's going to be cold today, so not much reason to want to leave the apartment, and also because I am madly trying to re-watch all of "Lost" before the season premiere next week. Packing while watching makes me feel like I am not just a couch potato. I finished season 1 last week, and plowed through the first 4 episodes of season 2 last night. And that's not a pace that will get me through season 3 by Thursday night.

I'm glad I'm doing it (though wish I'd started sooner.) There is so much I forgot in the first season, and it's interesting how what little tidbits we got back then seemed so perplexing but now are so clearly connected to everything else. It is a reminder of how well written this show is, and how the long drawn-out reveal is the only way to tell this story the way it deserves.


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