Saturday, January 19, 2008

Of course!

5 am on a Saturday morning and I'm awake! Why wouldn't I be? It's a three day weekend and I have no particular plans that require my being up early.

Last night, my HD DVR started to freak out, shutting itself down and rebooting, its display window running through a slow list of numeric codes. I moved to the bedroom, where both the regular cable box and modem were functioning fine. Which I translate to mean the HD DVR is broken again. You know, the one I first got on Labor Day weekend, which has been replaced three times, and necessitated 5 (or 6? like childbirth, I've buried the associated pain of that time) service calls.

It appears to be functioning now. (Of course, as I have no need for it now.)

So, having moved into the bedroom to watch tv, stretched out on my comfy bed with my favorite pillows bunched under my head just so, I of course immediately fell asleep, and missed the end of one of the few shows I like with new episodes ("Friday Night Lights" - someday I'll dive into the saga of how I, a football anti-fan, fell for that show.) Damned DVR was not recording, so it's off to the internet this weekend to watch it. (How spoiled we've become! I miss a tv show, there are multiple avenues to see it again, and yet I am annoyed when I can't have it exactly the way I want it.)

Yes, falling asleep at 9:30 is not a surprising cause of a 5 am wake-up the next day. But I still feel tired. Isn't this a pattern elderly people fall into? Next thing, I'll be having dinner at 5 pm.

Can I crawl back into bed and try to doze off? (What would happen if I tool a "sleeping pill" now? Would I lose much of tomorrow?) I might have been okay, once I'd gotten up and used the bathroom, but I was just barely back in bed when I had the sudden need to return and use it again, if you get my drift. Not meaning to be vulgar, but more advanced bathroom needs result in a more awake brain, when all is said and done.

I feel like I could be so productive if I could just give up fighting it and use this time wisely. Work on a draft of a short story. Update the family business website I am responsible for. Answer emails I keep forgetting are in my inbox. Scan photos. Research short story contests.

But my brain, despite being too wired to sleep again, is too sluggish still to function at top speed. I'm exhausted having just dribbled this out here. And yet when I slide back under the covers, my brain will just race, race, race, thinking of all the obscure things that I've neglected, until I shoot up into a sitting position, too tense to stay still any more.

I wish the gym opened before 8 on weekends. I wish I still drank coffee.


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