Saturday, January 12, 2008

Others, and others and others

It has been pointed out that I didn't include "The Lives of Others" in my top films of 2007 list. I looked back and noticed that I saw it on Oscar weekend, which probably helped cement it as a 2006 film (and it won for best foreign film last year.) But, I didn't include it in my 2006 list, either! So I guess now my top 10 has 13 films in it... and today I am seeing "Persepolis" so who knows, I may have to cram in 14, or do some serious pruning.

We'll see.

Speaking of spying on your neighbors, this weekend the coop board is reviewing my financials in preparation for a meeting with me on Monday. I didn't realize how anxious knowing that would make me, but it has.


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