Sunday, January 13, 2008

"Persepolis" and a Sunday

Last night I took a different over-the-counter "sleep aid" from the one I have used in the past (doxylamine succinate, or generic Unisom vs. diphenhydramine HCL, or the ingredient in tylenol PM) and what an amazing difference. Maybe all the other variables were aligned perfectly, but I slept soundly from 10:30 pm to 8:00 am.

Just sleeping until 8:00 am is a gift, especially when it's a bright and sunny day like today. I am up and highly motivated, sitting here thinking of all the things I want to do today.

We have a snowstorm warning for tonight into tomorrow. Makes me think about soup. Sunday afternoon, organizing/sorting/packing, soup warmly bubbling on the stove.

* * *

I saw "Persepolis" yesterday. I'm not revising my top 10 list for it. It's good, fun, enjoyable, but not, in my mind, tremendous. I know that it was made from a series of graphic novels, and it felt disjointed, with individual chapters focused on key moments in the author/artist's life, but no overarching sense of story. I get it, that's life; we live in stages, in set pieces, without all that we do contributing to a lifelong theme that drives us, but it doesn't bring the same kind of film satisfaction. The film is mostly a flashback and we're brought back to the opening scene at the end, but it's also somewhat of a beginning, as it's the young narrator on the brink of re-starting her life in Paris. So much like a "to be continued" and yes, so much like life - but a bit of a letdown as a movie, I think.


Tonight for the Golden Globes there will be a "press release" instead of a formal ceremony. If this happens for the Oscars, I plan on issuing a press release instead of hosting an Oscar party. I'm not joking - I think it would be funny. However, since my goal is to have the timing of that be in sync with a housewarming party, I might position it as a "press conference" for Q&A related to my canceled party announcement.

Today: Pack one more box in the kitchen, which allows me to get rid of the shelve unit I have. Go through a file drawer of "unknowns" - I have all of my writing files and personal files (health care, finance, warranties, etc.) and I have no memory of what is crowding the bottom drawer of the cabinet. It might be copies of writing samples from old jobs. At this point, I don't know that I'll ever need all of them. (I think I've scanned most of what is important anyway.) Is anyone going to assess my potential value to their firm based on a newsletter article I wrote back in 1990?

I also need to order more boxes, but I will not pull the trigger on that "to do" until after the board interview. I remain somewhat superstitious, although I will go on record (and I have, verbally, to several friends) that I am moving out of this apartment no matter what. I will start looking at other rentals if I have to, but I am not staying here.


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