Saturday, January 05, 2008

Reason number 41 I need to move.

A three day work week almost killed me. Actually, it was amazingly quiet (enough so that everyone remarked on it incessantly) and I got a lot of piled up stuff done - but not as much as I might have, if the slow pace hadn't seeped into my bones and brought out my lazy side. But that also made it felt like a longer week.

That lazy side felt it wanted to skip the gym this morning, but I am sitting here doing many things that I procrastinate about at home - scanning family photos, for example. (Damn, I wrote "many" and then when I paused in composing my list, I realized other than scanning, I'm just sitting here listening to NPR and staring at the dust on my desk and thinking about what I might pack next.)

Yes, I'm packing again. Nothing is yet confirmed, but I am frighteningly hopeful. There was a bump in the process this week - a necessary piece was slowed down by ineptitude, something out of my control and so even more extremely frustrating and aggravating. Still, it should all come together in the next month or so, which means suddenly it will be moving day and I will be in panic mode.

And, here's the thing: if this coop deal falls through, I will not stay in this apartment. I am more than ready to leave. I will find another rental, lick my wounds as I throw away extra rent money on a place that I can at least feel happy in. The longer I stay here, the more I hate it. We had a few very windy, icy cold days this week, which turned the back windows (both living room and kitchen) into wind tunnels, as the gaping opening at the top widened with every blast of arctic air. (Source is old window openings and standardized new windows forced to "fit" - the actual windows are slightly too tall to allow you to raise the top half enough so that it clears the latch in the center that would hold it securely closed. Emblematic of the shoddy level of repair/upkeep that is standard here.)

I now started playing around with them (adjusting color, centering, etc.) and printing, so my computer keeps freezing from the excessive multi-tasking. So I'll end this in mid-I-hate-my-apartment-rant.


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