Wednesday, January 23, 2008

We won!

I don't mean to be hardhearted about it. I really do think it's sad. I just find it disturbing when people relate to celebrities like they are people they actually know. It's my whole problem with US Weekly and People and all of the like. (I remember when People first came out, and it was positioned as a magazine about "real people" with interesting stories.) (Unless I am crazy and making that up to make myself feel better.)

It's the same way that I feel about people who say "we won" when referring to a favorite sports team. The response in my head is usually, "What position do you play?" although I rarely say it out loud. (A friend told me a woman in a bar said that to him in the same circumstance, and I wanted her number. No, not like that - to shake her hand.)


It was hard to escape the morning news onslaught at the gym. But here's a question - why is it so odd to find sleeping pills beside someone's bed? Isn't that the logical place to keep them?


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