Thursday, February 21, 2008

9:55 am

90 minutes in and only the desk, mattress, large bookcase and piano remain. Maybe I will walk to starbucks when they start the piano. I can't watch.


Blogger madabandon said...

I have never been able to watch my piano being moved. When it first arrived in Brooklyn many years ago it had to be uncrated on the street. My colleague (who watched it for me) called me at school to tell me that my beautiful Steinway was standing on its side on Hicks Street while a small crowd watched, probably hoping something dramatic might happen. And when I moved here I hid in the bedroom with the door closed as the movers struggled to fit it through the awkward angle of my entryway.

1:34 PM  
Blogger medusa said...

The movers I used (Oz) were really good. The foreman seemed to really know what he was doing, and was directing every step, turn, shift and lift, while constantly checking on everyone's comfort level. When it was finally inside and in position, he opened the lid and played a few stanzas - something unfamiliar but beautiful. I hadn't even known he could play.

9:18 AM  

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