Friday, February 01, 2008

Calm, during the storm

I likely have a moving date. I think my lawyer is disappointed in me for not wanting to play hardball. I am being too accommodating, even as they are not budging. I understand that there should be more compromise, but I value good relationships more than getting my way. I like feeling like I'm the bigger person. Pitiful? Maybe. But I don't have the aggravation that I would have otherwise.

So I told my landlord. I don't have to pay February rent as I paid last month's rent 14 years ago. Technically I should pay the amount it's increased over the years, but technically, they should have been collecting interest on that month's rent all along. Since they have been wonderfully lax in raising it, would mean they would owe me money.

I was at my desk all day, finally leaving close to 6. It's a pattern - most others stay late on the other days, leave early on Friday, but not me. I find myself puttering away on Friday afternoons, maybe because it's quiet and nobody distracts me, maybe because I usually don't have any plans to rush home to.

Today I was out of my office building and crossing the enclosed overpass to the next when I realized it was pouring out. I was too lazy to go back for an umbrella and decided to wing it. It was coming down like crazy. Put up my hood, dashed the 3 blocks to the subway, got on the train and was pretty solidly wet. Got off, ran to the bus stop and stood under a dripping awning for 15 minutes before the bus came. (I could walk home in 10, but it was coming down in buckets by then.)

Now I just want to crawl into bed.


Blogger madabandon said...

I got drenched too, around 6:15.

I am glad it's working out with the apartment. I am much the same way (regarding the "hardball" issue). Karma...

1:29 PM  

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