Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Countdown, 52 hours

...before the closing (as currently scheduled.) I want to say that it feels certain, that I have no concern that it won't happen, but that would be jinxing big time. My focus is on everything after - the movers, etc. I want to blink and wake up in 2 weeks.

I got rid of my second TV in the bedroom. It is silly for one person to have two TVs in a one bedroom apartment, I decided. Without it, I save money on my cable bill, and room in my bedroom. Plus, one of the things they always tell you about sleeping problems is to not fall asleep to the TV, which is my habit.

Was. No longer.

I had someone pick it up on Friday night, sooner than expected, so immediately had to readjust my bedtime routine. I cheated Friday and Saturday by watching DVDs until I dozed off. Sunday night I tried reading but when I felt tired and turned off the light, I couldn't fall asleep.

Last night I gave in completely and pulled out the sofabed in the living room, where the big TV still is. I am a failure.

I console myself by the thought that a new location, new surroundings, new routine will help.


Blogger madabandon said...

They say the bedroom should only be used for sleeping (esp. if you are insomniac like me). The problem is that my bedroom is so big (I know, poor me) that I have my main work area in one half of the room. I have been trying to find a good divider. But if you can, set your room up in such a way that you won't even notice that the tv is not there. Congrats on getting a closing date! Just think how good it will be when you walk out of that closing with the keys in your hand...

7:31 PM  
Blogger medusa said...

thanks! I will have a holding period, though, as they are not moving out until the weekend so today (today!) I will hand over the big check but walk out without the keys for now... very unreal

3:18 AM  

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