Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday the 22

This morning I am learning first hand who outsources their customer service to India. (, and theirs was the most pleasant to deal with.) Yesterday was too smooth and this morning, already: 1) Still no dial tone on landline, I called Verizon and the woman told me it's a problem with my phone not the lines, despite the fact that I've tried two different phones which both worked in the other apartment, one even a "corded" old fashioned phone, and she was rude in suggesting I am just too stupid to plug in a phone correctly and it would be a waste of their time to send out a repairman. After she finally agreed (reminding these people you have other options for service providers, even if it's in a high-pitched near hysterical rant, must work), she proceeded to call me back on the non-working line and left a voicemail explaining to me again how to plug in a phone, and telling me that if it worked, to call back and cancel the service call. 2) UPS delivered a package for me yesterday, signed by the mysterious "Front Door" and it's not anywhere. I don't think there is a secret package room, as I've seen other packages on the front hall table. UPS customer service told me that I need to call Amazon to deal with it. 3) Amazon offered to either refund me or deliver a second order, and even when I snottily asked what the point would be if they just left it outside the front door on a busy Brooklyn street, she promised they would require a signature, and was very polite, and even is refunding me the shipping charge. I'll put a note down on the hallway mirror anyway (because you know, Amazon boxes are usually easily confused with your own mail), but it's not like I really need two sets of white wood switch plates.

I walked to Starbucks and when it was my turn to order I had to pause because I thought I would burst into tears when I started to talk. I think it's exhaustion. When I got home and set my coffee cup on a box so I could take off my coat, I knocked over the cup and spilled coffee down the side of the box.

Friday the 22 is the new Friday the 13.


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