Thursday, February 28, 2008

In the morning

I am sitting here at my computer on a non-gym morning, and just glanced at the time, surprised to see how quickly it has raced past 6:00 am. How could it be, when I haven't heard my upstairs neighbor's alarm clock start its cycle of beeping at 6:20, or her footsteps hit the floor at 6:35? Oh, right, those sounds are echoing in an empty apartment right now. My old one.

I continue to have no success from Verizon or Time Warner (although to be fair, the latter's next chance for resolution is a service call on Saturday.) Yesterday during my regular check-in call with Verizon I was told the problem was I was always calling the wrong number (as if I could know that) and was given the direct line to the engineers in Brooklyn who could solve my problem. Finally someone there (after being put on hold and ignored, then having someone else pick up and explain that the first guy had to run out "for an emergency") understood the situation and vowed that it would be addressed yesterday. Of course, I came home last night to no phone service. Sigh.

Meanwhile, my cell phone bill came in - Friday, my 3 hour horror fest with Time Warner, is costing me an additional $58. It was the last day of my monthly plan, although I think I thought it was day one. I rarely use my cell phone, and this is the first month in 5 1/2 years that I've gone over allotted minutes. Usually I have 200 or so left over. So, yeah, it's a shock.

I still love it here though.


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