Monday, February 18, 2008


Back in the old place. I can't sleep at the other, can't even sit (except on the floor), since I have no furniture yet. I've carried a few things over, nothing major, nothing I don't especially need to ready the place for moving day on Thursday. I've lost any desire to finish up packing and cleaning over here, though. Actually, my hands are tied as my last order of boxes has not arrived. According to Fedex, it should be here Wednesday. If not, I don't know exactly what I'll do. Really all I will have are the last things in the kitchen (refrigerator food, tea kettle, toaster oven, saucepan, can opener, 1 each of plate, bowl, fork, spoon, knife), cleaning supplies, last things in bathroom, last things on desk, DVD player/cable box/cable modem, iron/laundry supplies. I guess I could patrol the neighborhood Wednesday evening and gather boxes, if I had to.

Hopefully I won't have to!

The new place is sparkling clean. The mother of the former owner scrubbed everything, including the fridge, and even bought and hung a new shower curtain. !!! Either she's very very nice, or was going out of her way to protect their possession agreement deposit. It worked - I was impressed.

I had difficulty choosing a paint color. For the kitchen I wanted a green, apple or grape, and wanted a darker, deeper shade, but I started to worry that too much of the darker color would be overwhelming, so I went one lighter shade down. Now I hope it's not too subtle.

Today is a holiday, but I wouldn't have off if I hadn't taken it. I'm not sure how many other offices are still open. The gym was opening slightly later. My plan right now is to go to the gym, but stop at the new apartment on the way and drop off my stepladder and a bag of other assorted things. Then the goal is to leave and go to the gym (1 1/2 blocks away), get in a workout, and return to paint. Part of me wants to skip the gym step, but even though I know I'm getting a workout with all of this walking/lugging/stairclimbing/cleaning/painting, I know that stretching and loosening my muscles is a smart thing to do.


Blogger madabandon said...

Congratulations! Even though the process of buying a coop is really awful, it is totally worth it when you start to make it your home. Enjoy your new place!

8:59 AM  

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