Monday, February 04, 2008

Morning after

I seriously considered live-blogging my insomnia last night, although luckily realized it would only compound the problem. As it was, I woke nearly once an hour, but only for about 10 minutes each time, finding it relatively easy to doze back off again.

I don't really know what was keeping me up - it wasn't like other nights, when my mind started racing the minute I as conscious. I have a lot to think about this week, though.

(No, I didn't watch the Super Bowl, but I was curious enough to check the news during one of my waking moments, and saw that the Giants had won. Oddly this made me happy - not in the "we won" way, but because I like that the underdog was victorious. Doesn't everyone?)

My apartment looks strange. I took all of the refrigerator magnets (framed photographs) down, so now its bare whiteness surprises me every time I walk into the kitchen. I also moved the furniture in the bedroom to create an empty wall for stacked boxes. Everything looks poised and ready to go.


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